This gorgeous and incredibly rare grandfather clock is one of a kind, according to House of Herschede. They believe it was the only one made, possibly custom made and not mass reproduced. This is an opportunity to own the only Herschede Clock of it's kind. Below is the evaluation given by House of Herschede. We have it incredibly priced for a quick sale.
"Dear Matt,
Thank you for the Herschede inquiry. The clock you have looks like a genuine Herschede circa 1920 Pattern model 513 of the 1 first and maybe only clock. The third number is perhaps not there because it may have been in no LOT meaning Herschede only made one or the first of the pattern then did not make any other of that Pattern. We have never seen one other than yours. Regardless it is rare and the fact that it is Rod chimes which we have yet to determine the movement to be Herschede is irreplaceable.
The rod chimes clocks were lower than the tubular bells however they are rare and considered a serious antique. It is also a PPIE winner and from the plate on the front to indicate so tells us that possibly this clock was the first and only at the exposition in 1915. Many Herschede clocks won the prize however your plate is larger than the plates assigned to Herschede from the PPIE were smaller but the ones actually there at the PPIE had the award given there and were of larger plates such as yours. You may find many with the PPIE winner plates however they are not as large as your plate. There are some writings inside the seat board that the movements sits on and it would be interesting to see what it says. On the other hand does the movement say Herschede or is there a crown inscribed on the movement with any markings and so forth? It is very difficult to ascertain exactly where the clock has been or where it came from however the facts I just explained are taken from the photos only. In addition the dial is rare also known as Round Crown Dial E on the Herschede scale. the fact that the numbers are on the door framing is also a good indicter the clock is first generation Herschede. The weights may have newspaper in them from that era.
The Herschede clocks are not at the publics interest right now but are attracted to the wealthy and elite of people. This clock is traditionally rich and is Herschede and holds value more than other Grandfather clocks of that era circa meaning ten years forward or backwards. You will not find this clock illustrated anywhere in our professional opinion it was the first of that pattern and perhaps the last. That is evident and until our research tells us otherwise inHerschede Hall clock history that opinion is substantial. It is at a disadvantage for the private sector to sell the clock right now and to get its true value however Herschede will peak in 5-7 years, at that time once we will have exposed it to the world all Herschede clocks will be worth a fortune. I hope that helps.
VTY Corp Sec.
IATI Herschede Program PDX 2004"

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